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Exmormon TikTok: The Top #Exmormon Influencers of 2023

These Exmormon TikTokers are using their voice to share their experiences in the church. From the group Black Menaces to Exmormon Mindy, these creators are revealing why they left the LDS church, and why others should too.

The popularity of TikTok has become a massive force in propelling Millennials and GenZ out of the Mormon church. When an active believer downloads the app, they inevitably encounter Mormon content. The algorithm will also serve them Exmormon content organically, as these two forms of content are so inexorably linked.

When this takes place, many active Mormons learn about the history of their religion. They may find videos about polygamy, the translation of The Book of Mormon, or hear negative experiences from disaffected members. These aspects of the faith are often quite surprising to believing members, who often don't hear about these types of critiques while attending church. TikTok is an unedited platform, whereas the LDS church works very hard to keep the conversation focused on God and Jesus Christ.

If you are in search of the top Exmormon TikTok influencers, follow the list of content creators below. If you're feeling especially brave, start your own TikTok channel and share your experiences in and out of the Mormon church.

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Top Exmormon TikTok Content Creators

Best Storyteller: Alyssa Grenfell

Her bio:

Alyssa Grenfell lives in Austin, Texas. She was raised in a devout Mormon family. She was blessed as a baby, baptized at eight, served a full time mission, graduated from Brigham Young University, and was married in an LDS temple. Her content focuses on recovering from Mormonism and sharing personal experiences from her time in the Mormon church.

Alyssa Grenfell is publishing a book called "How to Leave The Mormon Church." You can join the waitlist here.

Best Humor: Exmormon Mindy

Her bio: Just an average girl who escaped an overbearing religion and finding a new life

Just an average girl who escaped an overbearing religion and is now finding new life! Listen to her interview with Mormon Stories founder, John Dehlin. The TikTok platform has become a major player in global culture, and the ExMormon TikTok community has become very active/vibrant over the past few months.

Best Criticism: Black Menaces

Their bio: The revolution will be televised

The Black Menaces are a coalition of students from various universities and influencers from across the nation fighting to empower marginalized communities through social media. They interview students on BYU campus and other predominantly white universities and ask questions that reveal the prejudices and ignorance of students. You can find their YouTube channel here and their podcast here.

Best Famous Creator: David Archuleta

Read from a recent article in People about David Archuleta leaving the church: "After three broken engagements with women and suffering suicidal thoughts, the American Idol alum opens up about his queer identity and questioning his Mormon faith." You can read the article here and check out his music here.

Exmo to Christian: LDS Ministries

Her bio: exmo now christian/freedom in the real Jesus

LDS Ministries, also known as Sydney Frances, shares her perspective as a Mormon who turned to Christianity. Sydney does a great job highlighting the differences between Mormonism and mainstream Christianity. She is a still a faithful believer, and a great person to follow if you're looking for a faithful perspective after leaving the LDS church. She is most active on her YouTube channel, which you can find here.

Best Interview: Mormon Stories Podcast

The bio: Exploring and challenging Mormon culture in constructive ways.

John Dehlin is an American podcast host with a PhD in psychology. He's best known for creating the Mormon Stories Podcast and other related podcasts, blogs, and websites about Mormonism. Dehlin was an early influential figure in the world of Mormon blogging. He's also an advocate for the rights of skeptics within the Mormon community, LGBT rights, gender equality, and other non-mainstream Mormon views.

Best Podcaster: Hayley Rawle

Her Bio: Celebrating life outside of high-demand religion- host of the Girlscamp podcast

Hayley Rawle is the host of the Post Mormon podcast, Girlscamp. In her TikTok, she shares clips of her podcast along with critiques of Mormon current affairs. You can see her interview on Mormon Stories here.

Best Gay Creator: Exmo Sam

His bio: One of several facilitators for a weekly support group of CT Survivors. Hugs!!!!

@conversiontherapysucked is a creator speaking out about what he experienced as a gay man in the LDS church. His stories of conversion therapy are chilling and truly expose what it's like to grow up gay in the LDS church.

Best Irreligious Creator: Mormonism.Revisted

Her bio: ExMormon, Sometimes Funny, Trauma & Bereavement, Anti-Theist

Veronica shares funny and heart breaking stories on her account. She shares explanations of Mormon doctrine and history, and responds to commenters. Follow her for humor, understanding, and engaging content.