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The Top Exmormon Podcasts of 2024

From hilarious to earth shattering, these podcasts are the best source for exmormon stories, church history you never learned in Sunday School, and insight on leaving a life long religion.

So many exmormon podcasts, so little time.

Podcasting is the original media of choice for most exmormons. John Dehlin started Mormon Stories in 2005, and since then there have been many more podcasts to follow. While many an exmormon has started a podcast about leaving the church, few have stuck it out and produced high quality content year after year.

Sample several from the list below to find which exmormon podcast is the best to accompany you through your faith transition. Some are shockingly irreverent, while others take a much softer approach to leaving the church. The following rankings come from internet research, forum comments on r/exmormon, and Apple Podcasts ratings.

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People's Choice: Radio Free Mormon

About: Hands down, this podcast receives the most online listener love. This podcast "gets to the crux of the issue, exposing all the connections and subtleties that lie below the surface."

Listeners share: "My advice is to start RFM from the beginning and then kiss the next several months goodbye. You will enter the journey as one person and exit a completely "reborn" individual... Baptism by podcast!"

Best episode: Radio Free Mormon: 199: The David Bokovoy Interview, Part 1 & 2

Apple Podcast rating: 4.7 stars with 955 reviews

Founders Award: Mormon Stories

About: Founded in 2005, Mormon Stories podcast is the longest running and most popular Mormon-themed podcast. The podcast is hosted by John Dehlin, and led to his eventual excommunication by the LDS church in 2015. Dehlin interviews a broad range of active members and exmormons and covers church history and current events within the church.

Listeners share: "Mormon Stories Podcast made me feel seen. Realizing that there were 100s of people walking this very same path as me, who were deconstructing just as much as I was, was the most freeing, liberating thing. I finally gave myself permission to just be."

Best Episode: 535-539: Tom Phillips, the Second Anointing, and Mormon Apostle Jeffery R. Holland

Apple Podcast rating: 4.5 stars with 4k+ reviews

Most Bingeworthy: Mormon Expression

About: While John Larsen is no longer adding new episodes, this discontinued podcast still receives tons of mentions and accolades online. The podcast is meticulously researched and full of history. The episodes are carefully named so you can pick and choose which topic is the most pertinent to you.

Listeners share: "That podcast cemented my confidence that Mormonism is nothing but a fraud."

Best Episode: Episode 177: The God of the Lost Keys

Apple Podcast rating: 4.8 stars with 141 reviews

This one's for the girlies: Girlscamp with Hayley Rawle

About: Pull up a camp chair around the theoretical fire as Hayley chats about all things post-Mormon. She'll be talking faith transitions and crises, reading your own stories about what it’s like inside and outside of the church, and digging into all the cultural quirkiness that Mormonism and post-Mormonism provide. There may even be some slightly indulgent philosophizing thrown into the mix. Being post-Mormon doesn’t have to be lonely—at least not when you’re at girls camp.

Listeners share: I remember searching for post-Mormon podcasts a few years ago as I was starting to deconstruct and not really finding what I was looking for. Some of them were close, but given what I was going through at the time they weren’t quite *right*. Now I know I was just looking for Girlscamp!


Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8 with 456 reviews

Best LGBTQIA+: Peace Out

About: Sally Osborne, the coming out coach, hosts this affirming and uplifting podcast. She covers topics like conversion therapy, sexuality, and mixed faith marriages. This podcast is especially helpful for those navigating leaving the church while questioning their sexual or gender identity. As Osborne shares in the description, "when you feel like you don’t fit in, you fit in right here."

Listener's share: "Wow, as a former LDS convert, married in the temple, and attended BYU, I am so grateful to see there are more of us coming out!"

Best Episode: Episode 23: God loves the gays! with Stacey Harkey

Apple Podcast rating: 4.9 stars with 245 reviews

Best History and Culture Commentary: The Mormon History Hoedown with Carah Burrell

About: Carah Burrel is an internationally renowned expert on cults, undue influence, and Authoritarian Control. This podcasts dives deep into contemporary Mormon culture, like a recent episode exploring Tim Ballard's downfall. The pod also covers LDS history and Carah's own loss of faith in the religion. Listen for humor, history, and breaking news.

Listener's share: "I can’t recommend Carah and supporting the content she puts out enough! When I say Carah has changed my life, that’s an understatement. So happy to have a new medium to consume her content through!"

Best Episode: Why I Left The Mormon Church - Carah's Untold Story

Apple Podcast rating: 5.0 stars with 31 reviews

Most Hilarious: Infants on Thrones

About: From their own about page, Infants on Thrones "is an entertaining podcast about self-awareness and discovery following a Mormon faith transition.  The title is an homage to the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith who said that “Eternity is full of thrones, upon which dwell thousands of children, reigning on thrones of glory, with not one cubit added to their

Listener's share: "This podcast is hilarious but also helpful for those going through a faith transition away from mainstream Mormonism."

Best Episode: Ep 93 – Little Factories

Apple Podcast rating: 4.7 stars with 1k reviews

Best Newcomer: Embracing Apostasy with Jordan & McKay

About: This podcast started by Jordan and McKay hit the ground running in 2021 and already has a dedicated following. Their podcast will appeal to a younger audience, with explanations about TikTok exmormon trends and commentary on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Listener's share: "I’ve been watching their content on YouTube since the beginning. They are a very informative about the reality of Mormonism and indoctrination. Mixed in with some heavy topics are lighthearted episodes like 'dating or siblings.' I highly recommended listening or watching their content."

Best Episode: Ex-Mormons React To TikTok's The Black Menaces & BYU Cringe

Apple Podcast rating: 4.7 stars with 167 reviews

Best Critique of Church Culture: Not So Molly Mormon

About: From their Patreon, "These two ... started a podcast where they now bond over leaving the Mormon religion and their new found love of non-brainwashing, intellectual freedom, fact over faith, coffee, alcohol, sex (well, that's mainly Sara) and saying things like "Joseph Smith was a dick" and "that's fucking mental". These two are by no means experts on the Mormon religion, but they are by ALL means hilarious, relatable, and honestly, refreshingly raw."

Listener's share: "My shelf broke a year ago and I recently resigned. After being a convert of the Mormon church for 17 years, 30 minutes of reading the CES Letter destroyed any faith or trust I had in TSCC. The ladies humor has really helped me heal."

Best Episode: 183: Object Lessons

Apple Podcast rating: 4.5 stars with 624 reviews